Sound recordings

The sound collections of the archive consist of different types on recordings, in total about 18 500 recordings (28.5.2015). The record collection consists of 33 rpm and 45 rpm records (vinyl records) and CDs that are all registered in the archive’s database of sound recordings. The collection of old 78 rpm records (shellac records) is partly registered in the card catalogue and partly in the database. The archive owns a collection of compact cassettes (MC) and magnetic tapes (reel tapes). The oldest reel tapes are from 1952. The collection contains both commercial recordings and other (e.g. recordings of interviews). The reel tapes containing ostrobothnian folk music or material concerning Jean Sibelius have been digitized. The cassette tapes are registered in the archive’s database, the reel tapes are partly registered in the card catalog partly in the database. Furthermore, the archive holds a collection of phonograph cylinders of which the oldest are from 1909. The bulk of these cylinders contain folk music and dialect samples from the Swedish speaking areas of Finland and from Estonia. About 75% of the cylinders have been digitized and are available on CD.