The Archive of the Sibelius Museum
Piispankatu 17
20500 Turku

The Archive of the Sibelius Museum is open Tuesday – Thursday, 11 – 15.

NB! The archive is closed 1.7. – 2.8.2019.

In matters concerning our archive, please contact:

Sanna Linjama-Mannermaa, M.A.
Tel. 020 786 1476
Customer service, photographs, music manuscripts, letters, the Sibelius Collection, the Archive of the Musical Society of Turku.

Assistant archivist (part-time, Tue-Thur)
Henrica Lillsjö, M.A.
Tel. 020 786 1475
Customer service (part-time), sound recordings, printed sheet music, music literature and other printed material.

E-mail: or: (without Scandinavian characters)