Director, Curator
Inger Jakobsson-Wärn, M.A.
Phone: +358-(0)2-215 4388, +358-(0)50-4096422
E-mail: inger.jakobsson-warn(a)
Administration, exhibition and concert activities, instrument collections

Museum educator
Unna Toropainen, M.A.
Phone: +358-(0)2-2154343, +358-(0)50-4096436
E-mail: unna.toropainen(a)
Museum pedagogy, guided tours, concert arrangements, exhibitions

Museum secretary
Anna Engberg, M.A.
Phone: +358-(0)2-215 4494, +358-(0)50-3625828
E-mail: anna.engberg(a)
Bookings and ticket sales, economic administration, museum shop

Sanna Linjama-Mannermaa, M.A.
Phone: +358-(0)2-2154340
E-mail: sanna.linjama-mannermaa(a)
Archive collections, research and other inquieries

Assistant archivist (part time, Tuesday-Thursday)
Henrica Lillsjö, M.A.
Phone: +358-(0)2-2154897
E-mail: henrica.lillsjo(a)
Archive collections, research and other inquieries