Sibelius at the museum

The only museum in Finland exclusively devoted to music is naturally named after the country’s most famous composer. The museum was given its current name at the end of the 1940s when professor Otto Andersson was given the permission by the composer to change the name to the Sibelius Museum. As a researcher, Professor Andersson was interested in Sibelius and he knew the composer personally. An even more important reason for the new name was that the museum already housed an extensive Sibelius collection.

The basis for the Sibelius collection was formed in the early 1930s when the material left to Åbo Akademi University in the will of Sibelius’s friend, Baron Axel Carpelan, was incorporated into the museum. The collection was extended by the purchase of manuscripts by Sibelius from the author Adolf Paul. After that the Sibelius collection has grown continuously and today it contains manuscripts, printed sheet music, letters, photographs, programs, printed sheet music, newspaper clippings and articles. Researchers can gain access to the material through the archivists of the Sibelius Museum.